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Our APIKEL PLUS bee feed based on beet sugar is quality made in Germany. The “APIKEL plus” bee feed is a special invert sugar syrup for optimal feeding of honey bees.

This bee feed is a ready-to-use liquid feed based on beet sugar, which largely consists of the important components fructose and glucose.

APIKEL PLUS is produced especially for beekeeping needs, without any sugar that puts a strain on the bees’ intestines. The increased fructose content is 40% above that of many comparable products, which has a positive effect on the otherwise negative tendency of the feed to crystallize in the honeycomb at colder temperatures. This can almost be ruled out with APIKEL PLUS.

Apikel Plusbee food
14 kg / plastic canister

Apikel Plusbee food
25 kg / bucket

Apikel Plusbee food
950 kg / IBC

Apikel Plusbee food
1,250 kg / IBC

Due to its increased composition and very high-quality product properties, it is an ideal bee feed for intermediate and winter feeding.

APIKEL PLUS bee food is microbiologically stable and can therefore be stored for a long time. It can be absorbed and processed by the bees very quickly. All of our bee feeds are certified and made without genetically modified ingredients.

Typical composition of dry matter of various feed syrups

Apikel Plus
Sucrose Solution
The average of the wheat and corn-based syrup

*Average values from seven product data

C4 Starch-based       Sucrose      Glucose      Fructose